Mayor Nenshi fires back at NHL's Gary Bettman on CalgaryNext project (VIDEO)

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After NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s address at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce today, speaking on the need for the CalgaryNext project to be built immediately, Mayor Naheed Nenshi fired back.

In late December, Nenshi made it clear that the project was just an idea and would take much consideration before it became a reality.

“I’m having trouble understanding why there hasn’t been further progress on CalgaryNext,” Bettman told the Chamber of Commerce regarding the $900-million project announced in summer 2015.

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“I don’t know why anyone would think this is surprising or news,” Nenshi said today. “This is the man’s job. This is what he does. Perhaps in other cities that he has come to, the city councils have just written cheques based on back-of-the-napkin proposals without any consultation to the public or without any analysis. That’s not how we operate here.”

“I know that Calgarians require very wealthy people from New York to come and tell us us what we need to do in our community because they understand vibrancy better than we do,” Nenshi said with a smirk when asked about the issue of vibrancy and future of the Flames.

Bettman did request a meeting with Nenshi on Tuesday, which was declined by the mayor who would be in Council. “I suggested that unless he’s got some new information that’s different than the last time we met him, it’s probably not worth his time,” Nenshi said.

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  • freshacconci

    Calgary, you have an awesome mayor. But you probably know that.

  • Carson

    Bravo! Tell the Flames ownership to pay for their own damn stadium.

  • drbloor

    This man should be cloned and elected to the same position in every Big 4 sports city on the continent, as well as a bunch in Europe and minor league cities.

  • Shakes

    dude your mayor rocks

  • Darrone

    I need to move to Calgary. This guy gets it. Don’t publicly fund wildly profitable sports franchises.

  • hammr25

    Best Mayor ever.

  • chaz

    As a card carrying heterosexual man, I could kiss your mayor on the mouth.

  • Brock Tillotson


  • raincntry

    This guy’s a baller! More mayors need to take a lesson from him and stand up to these rich sport team fat cats fleecing their fans and towns. It’s a wealth transfer to the rich. If these teams cannot afford the arenas they play in then they need to recalibrate their needs.

  • Lapdog78

    From a stl rams fan and stl blues fan don’t let these cartels bend you over and f you.

  • BKellison

    Keep pushing back—the economics of public funding for arenas ALMOST NEVER make sense for the taxpayers!